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Eyebrow Microblading at Summers Aesthetics

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that achieves perfectly defined eyebrows day in and day out.  Microblading is preformed using a special technique to implant pigment under the skin using a manual handheld tool to form hair-like strokes.

The effect is a beautifully created set of face-framing brows. The investment is well worth it, as no other technique produces such long-lasting, natural results. With touchups, your new brows can last from 18 months to 2 years!

Microblading— also known as 3D brows and Eyebrow Embroidery — is a type of permanent makeup. Using a manual instrument, the skilled, trained estheticians at Summers Aesthetics create feather-like “hair” strokes using color pigment to the dermis layer of the skin in the eyebrow region. Microblading is semi-permanent, and results can last between 18 moons and 2 years with proper care and occasional touchups.

Only $500 for 2 sessions!

Why do Microblading?

It’s a great way to treat yourself!
It is a major time-saver for your morning routine.  No more drawing on your brows and hoping they are symmetrical

Enjoy fuller, more defined, & natural-looking brows that are waterproof & smudge-proof, symmetrical, and customized in color and shape.

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FAQs on Microblading

At Summers Aesthetics, our trained estheticiansapply a simple numbing agent before beginning the procedure so you should not feel any discomfort during the procedure. This is a semi-permanent makeup application, so while your gorgeous new browswill not last forever, they will likely last at least 18 months before they begin to fade.In total, they can stay up to 2 years with good microblading aftercare. Your new brows will require touch-ups now and then throughout their lifespan.

Microblading is used by a wide variety of people for all kinds of reasons.

 The semi-permanent eyebrow solution is perfect for people in Louisville who:

Are looking for defined, elegant eyebrows Are tired of penciling or powdering or painting their eyebrows daily

Are hoping to achieve thicker looking brows

Have brows which have thinned with age

Need a solution for thin eyebrows due to over plucking or over waxing

Are in search of more uniform brow line

Have a medical condition that has caused them to lose their eyebrow hair

Would like to darken light or washed-out eyebrows

Would like to have their eyebrows ready to go each morning without having to lift a finger

The biggestadvantageto microbladingis waking up each day with perfectly shaped brows. In the long run, microblading saves oodles of time. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a natural makeup look with little effort, microblading is a fabuloussolution!

Regardless of your hair or skin tone, microblading works well for all shades of eyebrow hair, from blond to light hair as well as those with dark hair. If you are interested in a natural blonde to match your hair and skin tone, there are tons of options.

A super-popular permanent makeup solution, many people now see microblading astheirlong-term answer to eyebrow perfection, creating beauty and functionality regardless of what color brows you prefer.May blonds love to get microblading. The biggest reason is that they achieve a full brow look that matches their hair and complexion every single day.

Whether or not you are fair-haired, please note that the first few days your new eyebrowsmay look darker than the actual shade. If your blond eyebrows look darker than expected after microblading, remember that after a few days of healing, they will lighten to your selected color


Getting a perfect eyebrow look

Prior to undergoing the microblading procedure, the Summers Aesthetics team in Louisville, KY will consult with you to understand your eyebrow goals and to help determine if microblading is right for you.
The results of microblading can last from one to two years, so it’s important to know the outcome is something you’ll love. To ensure you are happy with the long-lasting results of your new semi-permanent eyebrows, your esthetician will ask questions to talk through what you’re looking for in terms of shape, thickness, and color.

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At Summers Aesthetics, we take your consultation very seriously. This is a time to discuss your questions, goals and concerns with your esthetician. We will discuss talk through the look you’re hoping to achieve and examine undertones, colors, shape and thickness.
The purpose of the consultation is to help your esthetician understand how YOU would like your eyebrows to look.

During your consultation and during your microblading procedure, it is helpful to keep these tips in mind:

Please speak up about your preference. If you do not like the shape or color that your esthetician suggests for your brows, please let them know.Being honest and open during your consultation can save you from an undesired end result.
Ask any and all questions.We want you to feel 100% comfortable with your decision.
Ask for more options. If you don’t care for the color or shades presented, you can ask if there are others to review.

How much does it cost?

You can see pricing for Microblading in Louisville on our Pricing and Menu page. Our semi-permanent makeup artists bring training, talent and attention to each patient. We know you’ll love the results!


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