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PCA Chemical Peels in Louisville

What is a PCA Skin® Peel?

Like other chemical peels, PCA peels can lessen the look of hyperpigmentation, reduce acne and acne scarring, and minimize the appearance of aging by exfoliating dead skin cells. Chemical peels work by exposing a new layer of skin underneath. PCA peels are chemical peels that contain trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Also called blended peels, they treat layers of the skin below the superficial layers. Summers Aesthetics Medical Spa & Brow Bar performs safe and effective PCA peels in Louisville.


All peels include a post-procedure care kit to take home

Helps even skin texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


Targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.


For sensitive skin, rosacea, or uneven skin texture. 


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Our most potent peel, it evens skin tone and exfoliates more resilient, thicker skin.


Which PCA Chemical Peels Do You Offer?

At Summers Aesthetics in St. Matthews, Louisville, all of our chemical peels begin with a refreshing cleanser and smoothing toner treatment followed by dermaplaning to allow for maximum absorption and results.

PCA® peel with Hydroquinone

This chemical peel is targeted for those that struggle with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
This peel will help even skin texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The PCA® Sensi peel is well suited for those clients with uneven skin texture, rosacea, and sensitive skin. This chemical peel is a great entry-level peel for those who have never had a previous chemical peel and wish to give it a try.
Each of our PCA® chemical peels includes a PCA® post-procedure care kit. This kit will meet ALL of your skincare post-treatment regimen needs. For at least 1 week after your treatment, it is important to ONLY use these products after your chemical peel, or as instructed by your esthetician or medical provider at Summers.
PCA peel with HQ & resorcinol

The most potent peel we offer, it evens skin tone and provide exfoliation for oilier, thicker, resilient skin

Superficial PCA peels vs. Medium Depth Peels

Superficial PCA peels are generally performed 3 to 4 weeks apart. Consider booking traditional peels or using PCA® products to keep peel benefits longer.
Medium-depth chemical peels contain TCA and are used for more severe skin issues. It’s still minimally invasive and very effective — a great value.
PCA professional peels are cautiously applied at the correct concentration for a precise time. They treat skin conditions that may not have been successfully treated with less effective peels. They can also give your skin a renewed glow and a more youthful appearance.

Who should get a PCA Chemical Peel?

Our skin care team recommends PCA professional medium-depth peels for severe skin issues (like rough texture, pigmentation, and scarring). Some patients go this route if a superficial peel cannot treat their problem effectively. Patients must fully commit to the before-and-after skincare instructions for safe and effective results.
Candidates for the medium-depth skin peel are healthy without a skin condition that may increase the risk of complications from chemical peels. Patients must have realistic expectations for the peel’s results.

About the PCA SKIN® Company

Founded in 1990 by an aesthetician working with physicians, the company evolved into Physicians Care Alliance, LLC, a global company serving over 13,000 medical and aesthetic practices, with products sold in over 35 countries. PCA SKIN® is a trusted industry leader for effective, high-quality, professional treatments and daily care products. Their vision is to improve people’s lives by providing transformative skincare solutions. PCA® Skin peels, treatments, and (and their unique products) are available at Summers Aesthetics, a licensed skin health skin care and medical spa with our team trained and certified by PCA SKIN.

Skin Care Consultation

When you visit our medical spa and brow bar in Louisville, we will discuss your goals during your consultation our skincare studio.
It is very important to inform us about all the treatments, creams, and other skin products you are using now or have tried in the past. Your esthetician will review your medical history and examine your skin to determine the right PCA professional peel product for your specific skin type and issue.We will do our best to answer your questions before the procedure. We’ll also give you detailed before and aftercare instructions.

Side Effects

Medium-depth peels are more effective at reducing scaring but have the possibility for more severe side effects like:
  • Blisters
  • Cold sores breakout
  • Acne
  • Skin spots
You can lessen your risk of developing these side effects by using a credentialed skin professional like Summers Aesthetics and carefully following after-peel instructions.
Most PCA superficial peels at Summers Aesthetics affect the skin’s first layer meaning a shorter recovery than medium or deep peels, with very few side effects.

How much does a PCA peel cost in Louisville, KY?

Every chemical peel at Summers Aesthetics comes with an after-care kit included in the price!
While they are top-of-the-line, PCA peels are still considered cosmetic procedures (just like all chemical peels), so they are not covered by insurance. Cost varies based on the type and intensity of peel you choose and the medical spa where you have the peel procedure. One additional cost is for products you want to purchase for after-care or ongoing care.

Where do I find a trained esthetician for skin peels?

Always find a certified skin or medical professional when opting for a chemical peel! A trained esthetician reduces the risks and can help minimize the side effects of the process.The PCA Skin company trains and certifies skin care professionals (like us!) who can perform the peels.

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